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Our Pastor

Pastor Tim Smith

Tim Smith has been the pastor at Grace Baptist Temple since 2013. He was saved in 1999 in Farmville, NC under Pastor Randy Smith at Ballards Crossroads Baptist Church where he was baptized and became a member. Six months later the Lord called him to preach and he began ministering in the local homeless shelters and assisted living facilities. He married his pastor’s oldest daughter Krista Smith to whom he has been happily married to since 2001. They have three sons, Caleb, Noah, and Gabriel. Prior to coming to Rocky Mount he pastored in Virginia for 7 years where he was also their Christian school’s administrator for grades K­12. 


Since becoming the pastor of Grace Baptist Temple he has become president of New Grace Bible College. Pastor Tim has his Doctorate in Theology, and has attended Friendship Bible Institute, Hyles­Anderson College, Pitt Community College, and East Carolina University. 


Since being at GBT the church has seen tremendous growth in many areas, particularly in world missions.  The missionary representation for has grown more than 5 times from where it started and is still growing. Through our missionaries, GBT is now represented on many continents all over the world.  


Pastor Tim has a great vision going forward for the church and is very excited to see where the Lord will lead!

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